Innovative computer-based
diagnostic system dedicated
to psychological Fitness-to-Drive
and occupational assessments

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TEST2DRIVE has been created by experienced specialists from ALTA R&D team continuously focused on
computer-aided psychological systems for more than 25 years.

Tests are equipped with clear intructions. Part of them includes interactive practice phase – making examinated person acquainted with a test procedure.

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SIRT - Simple Reaction Time Test
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CHORT- Choice Reaction Time Test
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HECOR - Hand-Eye Coordination Test
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SPANT - Spatial Anticipation Test
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PUT - Pop-Up Test
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PAMT - Perception Anticipation Movement Test
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TRIT -Traffic Related Inteligence Test
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NECOG - Neurotic Cognition Test
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PEMAL - Personality Maladjustment Test
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SCOPE - Stress Coping Test
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Normalization is based on a normative sample of more than 3.200 drivers. Thanks to on-line technology, it can be constantly developed and updated on the fly.

Assessment administration

Except reliable – in accordance with all international standards  testing procedure TEST2DRIVE effectively manages essessment administration.


System functionality supports the whole process – step by step –according to assessment context.


System TEST2DRIVE is eqquiped with a document generator simplifying document administration.


The installation process has been simplified and enables a quick and independent start of the tool. 

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We are one of the longest operating companies in Poland offering products and services connected with labour psychology in a wide sense.

ALTA Sp. z o.o is one of the first companies in Poland to offer computer-assisted methods and tools for psychologists and HR specialists.

We are a team of multidisciplinary experts combining thorough psychological expertise, current achievements in cognitive science and state-of-the-art IT solutions.


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